Friday, April 5, 2019


Who doesn't love a good embrace? If I am being honest, I have to I don't. Ok, I don't love hugs from everyone. There are people I would rather not get close enough to in order to participate in touching of any kind like strangers and someone who's been outside sweating all day or someone I just don't like or someone who lingers a bit too long during a hug (no, I don't know the exact time of too long but you always know it when that exact time comes and passes and the hug is still in progress) but anyway, for the most part, we are a family of huggers.

An embrace from a dear friend can turn a bad day into a glad one. An embrace from someone we haven't seen in a long time can make us feel connected even after time has passed. An embrace can comfort us, let us know we're loved and cared about, make us feel happy...

We may find ourselves missing the embrace of those who have gone on ahead of us but when we close our eyes and remember, all the good feels come rushing back.

My favorite hugs during the last 2 1/2 years have all come from my grandchildren. I know, shocker. I remember the first day Lula Mae initiated a hug with me. We were playing in the nursery and she toddle-ran over to me, jumped up, and threw her arms around my neck. That was the first time I promised her a pony, not as payment for more hugs but because the feeling of that embrace let me know in no uncertain terms she could have anything she wants anytime she wants it. Same with Opie.

And then there are the hugs between these two and it melts my heart every single time--

Can you believe how little they were here?

Hugs for our beloved pets--

Sometimes a hug is a kiss when you have a little dog who prefers kisses.

Hugs with a special someone during the holidays--

Yes, that's me with my favorite guy at Christmas. 
But those embraces aren't for everyone---

And because finding all the pictures I want for this post is taking FOREVER, I'm done.

E is for embrace. Whose embrace makes you feel all the feels?


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  1. I am a hugger. Hugs from family and friends are just the best.

    1. I agree! A hug can fix just about anything or at least make you feel better. :)


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