Thursday, April 4, 2019


I wish I had written all my A-Z Challenge posts pre-April but I didn't so I find myself running behind every day grasping for words to match the letter of the day. This doesn't stop me from participating but it does present a challenge to the challenge. Ha!

Today's letter is D and I thought of the obvious choice for me which would be D is for daughters but when you blog and you have four daughters everyone pretty much knows how much you adore your daughters and how you think daughters are the best of the choices of kids you can have so I nearly drove myself nuts trying to think of another D word when BAM! one presented itself to me.

In the movie, CHRISTOPHER ROBIN, Christopher Robin told Pooh he couldn't be distracted so he needed Pooh to go home and I know this is part of the movie along with all the other parts because when Lula Mae is in the house you watch that movie which means I've seen it about a gazillion or so times over the last month. Anyway, Christopher Robin is so caught up in his day-to-day it has become his comfort zone and he's as good at making excuses for being so caught up in the rat-race he had forgotten the most important things as the rest of us. Anyway...

When one of your daughters is an athletic trainer and has to be somewhere at 7:00 AM sharp to teach a CPR class and everyone decides it's not a good thing to awaken a toddler before 6:00 AM said toddler comes to Amma's house for the night. And when that toddler is given the choice between going to school and staying at Amma's house for the day and chooses Amma's house a distraction is created.

D is for distraction of the most delightful sort. 

 It seems only yesterday this little distraction was born. Seriously. Yesterday.

Suddenly, she's talking like a grown-up, running all over the place so self-assured and sassy, problem-solving like a boss and sweeter than the sweetest honey in the whole world. 

She loves to explore and is quite inquisitive. Talking is something she does non-stop but I can't say anything about that because she comes by it honestly.

She loves to eat at my house which tells me I'm doing that part of grandparenting right. And when you are chosen over school that also tells you you're grandparenting well because this kid LOVES her school.

I make her strawberries and Goldfish for snack---

She makes me corn juice---

She has her very own sense of style and let me say I love that her mommy lets her choose for herself.

This was my distraction today. This is why I'm late to the party.

At the end of the movie, Pooh says, "Yesterday, when it was tomorrow, it was too much day for me." That's exactly right Pooh. Stay in the present moment. And enjoy every little distraction that comes your way.

D is for distraction. Of the most delightful kind.


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  1. Best distractions are ones that are not distractions but the real important things. I'm sure that's part of the message in the Pooh movie which I've not seen. You said it well and worked in many great pictures.

    1. It's not a bad movie. I should know. I've seen it a gazillion times. Haha Thank you. This challenge is quite the challenge. :)


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