Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E is for Eating

Eating is one of my most favorite pastimes.  You could almost call it a hobby of mine.  And you would know that this is true if you could see me—but there is a reason that you won’t find pictures of me anywhere and that reason is EATING.
I do it all the time.  And I like it.  And it doesn’t have to be healthy eating for me to enjoy it.  As a matter of fact, if I had been a participant of healthy eating over the last….well, ten years or more, then I probably wouldn’t look like I do and would have pictures of me all over the place.  But… no.  My not healthy eating habits have far outweighed (no pun intended) my healthy eating habits my entire life.  It’s not that I never ate anything healthy, it’s just that the unhealthy foods,(i.e., my favorite foods), took priority over the healthy ones.  And, more often than not, given a choice between healthy and unhealthy, I would choose unhealthy.  And who can blame me?  Unhealthy tastes so much better.  It has horrible side effects but it tastes so much better.  And eating these foods not only tastes better, but it seems to bring a certain amount of comfort to a soul who is not always comforted by those around her.  It seems to reduce stress; calm anger; soothe the spirit; bring order to confusion.  Eating even seems to reward a job well done.  Eating can be deceptive.  

It’s not like I don’t realize the fallacy in this train of thought.  I am aware that I am allowing my thought process to dictate my eating habits.  It’s not like I don’t understand healthy eating.  Beginning May 25, 2009 through November of the same year, I lost 83 pounds making those healthy choices.  And people started noticing and saying things like, “Oh, you’ll never go back and make unhealthy choices again because now you know.”  That’s right.  I did know.  And then I slipped right back into my comfortable, all be they unhealthy, eating choices.  And from December 2009 until 18 days ago, I proceeded to put back on most of those 83 pounds.  This sucks.  Here I go AGAIN.  

I have no one else to blame, other than myself, for my very bad eating habits.  But this time I’m not discussing it with family or friends around here.  This time I’m not focusing on it every second of the day and obsessing over the scale (which is an evil invention let me tell you).  I’m just cutting out the sugar and the bad carbs (not the good ones) which is basically what I did the last time.  Eating (bad habits) got me into this situation and eating (healthy habits) will get me out.  I am hoping that the big difference this time is that I have had enough.  Because this is the way I stop bad habits- I get to the point where I don’t want to have them anymore and I quit-cold turkey- and I never look back.  Only time will tell if I’ve finally arrived at this decision as it pertains to unhealthy eating habits.   

I watched IT’S COMPLICATED again the other night (tangent alert: I’ve seen it before so now I just watch the parts that I find entertaining- I do this with most of the movies I watch repeatedly, with the exception of Christmas movies- those I watch all the way through no matter how often I’ve seen them).  Remember the part where Meryl Streep and ex- Alec Baldwin have just completed a rollinthehay and she won’t get out of bed without her bathrobe?  Child please.  If I get back to a weight that makes me all thin like her, it’s going to be naked city around here! 

This is the 5th day of the A-Z Blog Challenge for the month of April.  I decided to try this challenge in the hopes of keeping some momentum going; getting my brain to stay warmed-up; and trytrytry to improve my writing--well, really, to find my voice.  Just click the badge on my sidebar to join in the challenge!  

Only 3 days left to visit The LG Report and cast your vote for TUCKER in the cutest pet contest if you haven't already!  Tucker really appreciates your votes and so do I!

AND NOW it's time for Wednesday's HOP.  Patrice, at Everyday Ruralty, hosts Wednesday Words of Weight Loss every Wednesday!  It's a fun HOP that offers encouragement and company on the issue of weight.  It's never too late to join!  Come on, this is your week to join in the FUN! 

This week's questions:

1. Are you happy with your recent attempts at healthy eating?  Actually, yes I am.  I have been making good, solid, healthy choices for 19 days straight now and I'm pretty darn happy with myself.  It's that blasted scale that I am angry with.  

2. Do you ever put off things because you don't want to do them unless you look/feel better? Hell to the YES.  Specifically, EVERYTHING.

3. Did you get all dressed up for Easter when you were a kid?  Absolutely!  And so did our girls- my mother (Mimi) made all of the girls' Easter and Christmas outfits (matching I might add) and decorated shirts on every other holiday- Valentine's, St. Patrick's, July 4th, Halloween (as well as their costumes), Thanksgiving; and then there were all their prom dresses, Breezy's wedding dress... It was GREAT!  (I'll have to get some of those pictures scanned into the computer for a future post).

4. Do you have more of an appetite in warm weather or cold weather?  I'm pretty sure I have an obsession appetite in all weather conditions.  Although, maybe a bit less in the summer---it gets pretty dang hot down here.  

5. Have you done anything this past week that you could describe as "being kind to yourself"? I'm going to say that I did when I planted some veggies in the raised beds because I really enjoy gardening!

This is one of the raised beds, all planted.  For those of you who asked about how the middle plants will get water from the drip irrigation, this picture shows the little feeder tubes that branch off from the main tube into the middle of the bed.



  1. I have battled with eating the wrong things all my life too! It sucks! But you are helping to motivate me :)

  2. Do you ever wish things were the other way around? Eating is so much more fun than dieting and exercise. Using a credit card is lots better than paying it off. Etc, etc. Good for you on realizing your weaknesses and working to turn them into strengths. Keep at it!

  3. Eating healthy should not be a should be a habit because it makes one feel soooooooooo good. And anyone can eat healthy by practing I think I will eat this rather than eating that :-)

  4. Sugar and bad carbs are the enemy of us all. We love them, but they're what perpetuate our cravings. Getting rid of them is a great idea. My worst time is Friday evening when, for some reason, my brain tells me it's 'Candy Night.' I am trying to break that habit, for I always feel horrible later. It's just that it's so good going down. I have managed for a few weeks to knit while watching my Friday movie which keeps my hands busy. Helps a lot.

    I am SO envious of your raised beds. Beautiful!! I'm still waiting for the snowbanks to melt. :-(

  5. You crack me up, really. You have a handle on who you are and what makes you tick.

    The love of food can get you into some tight jams, but not tight pants too well, huh?

    Hooray for your 19 days straight of healthy eating! I have a stubborn 20 pounds I'd love to blast off, but it seems like anything short of lipo isn't working. I guess I'll just keeping on keeping on until it melts away slowly.

    The problem is frustration and doing the unthinkable, giving into naughty cravings which inevitably puts on the weight I've taken off. Ugh, what a vicious cycle, huh?

    Good luck with your weight loss plan, if you lost 83 pounds once then you CAN do it again. =D

    ~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

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    A Year of Life to be Thin post.
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    1000 Reasons to be Thankful

  6. Oh yes. I start a healthy eating/exercise plan about every two weeks or so. 19 days? Hurrah for you!

  7. If I never had to eat again, I would be thin. It's because I have to eat that I have a problem. I too love food. I lost 52 pounds when I met Bruce. And gained back 62 in the last 2 years. I'm so disappointed in myself.

  8. Great post. I do not even own a scale because if I did I would stay in a state of depression. I weight myself once a week at the gym and it never seems to move. I don't lose and I don't gain so I guess I shouldn't complain.

    I love love love It's Complicated. My favorite scene is when the three of them are in the powder room smoking the joint and Alec Baldwin blows John Krazinski a shotgun, and Meryl Streep is in the mirror saying "Is this what I look like?" It cracks me up every single time.

  9. Oh gosh, I am in the same boat! I love food, especially sweat candy! You are encouraging me though. I must start again, and again, and again! I lost about 30lbs a little while ago and I must have put back on 20 since my accident. I need to get moving again.
    I know you can do this. Take it one day at a time.


  10. lyndy- So glad someone is getting motivated! LOL Keep in touch- we'll help each other!

    Beverly- Thank you for your encouragement. And, yes, I do wish it was the other way around! LOL

    Jeff- You make it sound so easy! Oh, that's right, no hormone issues. LOL I'll give the 'I'll eat this instead of that' a try!

    Judy- You're right- they really do! I haven't had a single craving since I started 19 days ago. I can't even imagine snow in April- I hope it all melts soon so you can get in the garden!

    Cathy- YES. It IS a vicious cycle. I haven't had those cravings since I cut the sugar and bad carbs. Hopefully this will not only work, but last!

    Betty- Apparently, I start one every other year or so. LOL Hopefully, this one's for keeps!

    Barb- Shake it off girlfriend! And start over- that's what I have to do...and the shake it off has to come first. No time for disappointment-it takes us down to much!

    chele-Oh yeah! I forgot about that part- HILARIOUS!!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! How's the running going?

    Susan- It's a long road, but I'm hoping I'll stay with it forever this time! Thank you so much for your encouragement!

  11. I love to eat the "not so healthy things too"!! Don't we all? Like you said they taste better! My favorites are pizza, cheeseburgers, mac & cheese and fried chicken. I still post pictures of myself on my blog and on facebook even though I am a "plus size" girl, technically. Now that I am pregnant I hate having to worry about more pounds. Don't feel bad about yourself!

  12. jd- You just listed some of my very favorites too! It's only been in the last 10 years or so that all this unhealthy eating has piled up into way too many pounds. Now that I'm in my 50s (Ugh) I really need to get serious---I want to be around for future grands! LOL So excited about your bundle!

  13. I've watched many American films and I know exactly why Meryl Streep put her dressing gown on to get out of bed. It's because all American men wear their underpants in bed, I've seen it on the films and TV so I know it's so - so for Meryl it's a case of 'if you won't show me yours in the light of day then you're not seeing mine' :O))

  14. Jane- You are too funny! It is interesting, though, how they will show any part of a woman in the movies but not the men. Go figure!

  15. Ok, I played along this week with Weight Loss Wednesday. I hope I answered the questions with some thought. Thanks for the encouragement!


  16. Funny! Our blogs are on different themes, but I am also pushing 60, overweight, have lost weight and regained it all, and have two married children, one single adult child, and five grandchildren. I'll enjoy following your blog.

  17. I have been trying to get back to a healthy diet since beginning of the week...but what you said is so true...all that unhealthy food out there tastes so's difficult...but I'm trying...and my answer to the first two questions is 'Yes for sure'

  18. Susan- I'll head over there and read! Yay!

    Catherine- Thank you so much! I'm so excited you stopped over!

    caterpillar- It is hard! As long as I stay away from the unhealthy I'll be fine. But just one taste is all it will take to set me back.

  19. I feel your pain with the scale. I have had an obsession with the scale since I was in High School.
    A lot of people do not understand how body image can define ones life. For years, my day was determined by what the scale said. One pound over and I was depressed for the entire day. Mind you, I have never weighed more than 10# over my ideal weight.
    Finally, I am trying to retrain my brain to put less importance on the scale, and to work more on the soul.

  20. Yay on #1. My mother was Mimi to her grandkids. How cool is that? I have been gardening almost non-stop lately. Please e-mail me and let me know where you get your graphics. I am sick of the graphics I was using because they have pop up ads every two minutes! I don't use many, but I can never find them when I need them.

  21. Shawn- I never worried about the scale at all until about 10 years ago. I was a tall, lean teen and young adult. Really not terribly overweight until into my 40s. Maybe if I worked on the soul more, this wouldn't be such an issue?

    Patrice- Very cool. We only know of one other Mimi--and now, two. I'm loving being out in the garden! I'll email you soon!

  22. Eating the right thing is only partly hard most of the time now. There are still the cravings but it's not as bad as it was a year ago. I'm slow at this but learning. 19 days is excellent. Keep it up Pam. I love your writings, truly do. Thank you for sharing.
    Take care and have a blessed evening. Good night.

  23. Oh, EN, I can 100% relate to this post...
    Keep up the fight though, sounds like you are in it to win it!! :)

  24. I have the same problem and I know the solution. It's the doing that I have trouble with. Here's to the battle!
    I like what you have to say and I'm going to follow and come back and visit again! :-)

  25. Julie-Thank you for all your encouragement! It means so much!

    Jessica- I'm trying- there is a pizza calling my name but I have not answered! LOL

    Laura- Exactly! The doing is the struggle. Thank you!


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