Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Brilliance is Blinding

The lessons just never stop, do they? I suppose that's a good thing. I would hate to think that learning simply stops one day. But why am I so stubborn that I am just now learning some that would have benefited me YEARS ago have some evaded me until I hit my 50s?

And then there's the fact that I'm still not practicing some of the lessons--apparently one lesson is that learning a lesson is not the same as applying the lesson.

Some of you may know what I'm talking about. Others of you may be members of the group of people who already know everything and do all things right all the time. Good for you.

I've learned that it's important to 'gowiththeflow' especially if you have kids. And to listen to my woman's intuition. I've learned that I don't have to control every single thing in life. And that men are going to act like teenage boys their entire lives.

Then there are lessons like the grand ideas that pop into our heads and we get so excited and get started and THEN realize that, although the idea was a good one, the time that is involved is ridiculous and there's either no time to finish or it becomes all consuming. Yeah. That's the annoying lesson of today.

One of the gifts I gave each of the lovelies for Christmas was a scrap/cookbook. They are just so cute. I found them at the store where I always spend way too much money, I swear it's like I go into a stupor when I walk through the door Michael's and decided to fill them with all our family recipes and the new ones that I have discovered from our healthier diets--all the gluten free tips, and sugar free substitutions, etc. I am also including basic cooking tips--at the bottom of the traditional recipes, I am writing about how to make the dish healthier. Some pages will even have step by step instructions because not all the lovelies know their way around a kitchen (coughBreezycough and coughcrunchyricearoniDeaniecough)

I wondered if I could use the MyMemories software to make the cards and some of the pages (not all the pages because I want to hand-write some of them). So, I am making these:

And these:

Yes, I have discovered that this brilliant idea has turned into a major pain in the ass project of the time consuming type. I have also discovered that we have about 20 bazillion recipes and that writing every single step from how to put water in the pot to how to take the food out of the pot is CRAZY.

But I also realize that when we do something like this for our children, it will be so worth it. When I'm no longer here, they will look at their mom-made cookbooks and remember so many wonderful kitchen/cooking/baking/eating family times. They'll laugh over the little mom-liners that I've included on some of the cards/pages and they'll share their memories with each other and their own children and husbands.

Not to mention the fact that I am enjoying my own walk down memory lane as I go through the family recipes and remember my childhood times in the kitchen with my grandmother, mother, and aunt.

So, is it taking a freaking crap ton of time? Yep. Do I ever wish I'd stop having all this all consuming projects? Yep. Will I stop? Nope.

It's for the kids. And when it's for the kids, we moms just do it.

If you'd like to try the MyMemories software, you can click the link below...just use my code--STMMMS73032 --and get $10 off! WooHoo!


  1. I did something similar a couple of years ago. Pain in the ass, yes. Worth it, absolutely. Keep it going.

  2. I think that is a BRILLANT idea/project. How wonderful.

    Though the one my mom did was not as fancy, she did buy a journal, many years ago, and wrote my favorite recipes in it. I LOVE that journal and have added so many more to it.

    I think what you are doing is precious and priceless for sure!

  3. Jo- Sometimes I wish I never came up with these ideas. And then I think about how great it would have been if my grandmother had done, there you go. LOL Thanks!

  4. Nicole- Thanks! I'm hoping the lovelies will enjoy it just like you do yours!

  5. Each guest at my d-i-l's shower brought a treasured recipe (or two) and we put them all in a scrapbook for her. I caught her using it the other day...that was the best moment! She says she uses it all the time.

    And, yes, the more time, the more art. Memories are a bonus.

  6. "I've learned that it's important to 'gowiththeflow' especially if you have kids." Amen, sister! I'm still trying to learn that lesson!
    My mom did something like this, but she hand wrote all of her Christmas Candy recipes for us. It's a treasure now, and will be after she's gone. I think it's a wonderful thing you're doing!

  7. You are making me feel so guilty. I started this same project on and gave up in the middle. It really is time consuming and just so much work. But I do want to finish it some day.
    Love your recipes and I´m going to try the broccoli casserole.

  8. How nice and what a good idea but you know I hate writing out recipes. That is why I don't do to many on my blog just because it drives me nuts.
    I like yours though and I like reading recipes and I even like cooking them.
    I never can do a recipe without changing it anyway. I am like the pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Pirate code, I think recipes are guidelines really. :)

  9. This is such a wonderful idea! It may be a pain in the butt but your lovelies will appreciate it so much.

    When I was first married, we lived in Colorado and my mom lived in Florida. I used to call her long distance to ask her how to make something. This was, obviously, way back in the dark ages before we had email and facebook and google. I was a newlywed and didn't know how to cook anything. I would have loved having something like this!

  10. Sometimes the best things come out of "time and effort". Think of how great you will feel when it's accomplished.

  11. Stephanie- I've heard of showers where they do that. We probably should have done it back then and I wouldn't have to deal with it now. LOL

    Mary- It took Hubs way longer to learn this than it did me. He fought it tooth and nail. I am handwriting some pages too, just so they'll have that as well. I really appreciate my grandmother's handwritten recipes.

    Betty- That broccoli casserole has been used in my family since I was a little girl. And we love it! We should swap some recipes for our cookbooks!

    FG- That's exactly why some of these are going to be kind of different, I have to explain to the lovelies that, when I cook, the recipe changes nearly every time depending on my mood and taste! LOL Hey, they say that's a sign of a good cook so let's just say that's what it is.

    Lisa- I still call my mother for hints on things like cornbread dressing...they never measured anything and I don't either so these cookbooks are going to be quite interesting! LOL

    skinny- Very, very true indeed! Thanmks!

  12. What a neat idea. I agree, though it's horribly time-consuming your girls will love it and know the love, effort and time you spent was well worth it!

  13. Brenda- That's what I thought too. I would have loved it if my grandmother had done this for us! What a treasure it would have been!

  14. Great idea, and a super gift-of-a-lifetime.
    I still treasure some recipes my mother left me. even though she cooked a lot (sometimes dinner was for 18+ people!), and baked every day of her life, including the day she died, she only had one recipe book! Most of hers were in her head, or she experimented. When I even think about that, I go Wow!
    So, I think this is such a worthwhile project, even though it's time-consuming. And I love the idea of the little handwritten notes, personalising each one.
    The best gifts take time!

  15. My blog is a recipe gig. I got a lot of them from my mom. When she passed away she had these index card boxes stuffed with recipes. It took forever to photo copy them and put them in a big binder so I could give them to my siblings. I didn't want to rewrite them because it makes me remember how much she loved to cook when I see them in her handwriting.

  16. I LOVE it. I have a gillion recipe files, books etc. I'm going to have to go through and cull the best and make amemory~

  17. Can I be your daughter too? I'd love to have some of these recipes and tips. I however was thinking about making Mike up one for when he heads to college he has some easy to follow recipes.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  18. Hi Pam. Actually, I'm one of these people who know everything, and does everything right all the time!!! Hee Hee!! I really do think that the recipe scrapbooks you are doing for your daughters are simply awesome, and I know how much they will appreciate them. Not only now, but in years to come and, yes, I agree with others, I think you should let us ALL have a copy! LOL!! Time consuming, yes, but, as you say, if it's for your children, it's so worth all the time and effort.

  19. You project is amazing and they will at some point in their lives appreciate all the hard work you put into it.

  20. Mimi- Thanks! I think they'll really enjoy them. Once I finally get them done. LOL

    MT- I am planning to handwrite some of the pages. My aunt has my grandmother's recipes. I'm hoping that she'll let me make copies for everyone. One of these days.

    Sush-Thanks! Yes, do it! It will be fantastic!

    Julie- I bet Mike would love for you to do that!

    Diane-Oh, so YOU'RE the one. LOL

    Debby-Thanks! Oh but I hope so!

  21. I can only imagine how time consuming but your girls will forever love those cookbooks.


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