Sunday, November 13, 2016

And Now, The Bigs

Yesterday I shared my thankful lists from 2015 and 2016 for the LITTLE things. Today, I'm comparing the BIG things on my thankful list. The big things include the obvious things like friends, family, a home but I've found that some of the big things to be surprising. Who knew?

They say that being thankful every day will make a huge, positive difference in our lives. I tend to agree.

The list from 2015:

BIG Things for which I Am Grateful:
  1. First and foremost, I'm thankful for someone with whom I reconnected with a few years ago. This person makes such a wonderful difference in my life every single day.
  2. My friends at school. I love these people. They are supportive, encouraging, uplifting, funny as hell, sharing, caring, loving, and I would hate going to work every day if they were not there. 
  3. Daughters. Because, even when they are on my last nerve, they're still the best kids ever.
  4. My Tucker. 
  5. A roof over my head that keeps me cool when it's hot out and warm when it's cold out. The running water and electricity are quite nice too.
  6. Every day that I am still alive. 
  7. My education. I have two bachelor degrees and a masters degree and I'm darn proud of them. Even if I don't get paid squat at my job. 
  8. My job. I hate working, but I love my job. 
  9. A car. As soon as I get one. Not having one of your own makes you truly appreciated them.
  10. Time. 
  11. Family traditions.
  12. My health.
  13. The five senses and the fact that they all work just fine. 
  14. Long weekends. In the mountains. 
  15. Love. 
  16. The seasons. Especially fall and winter. 
  17. Food to eat, spring water to drink.
  18. The healing power of music. And, the music itself. 
  19. Kind hearts.
  20. All my blessings.
And now, this year's list:

BIG Things for which I am Grateful 2016:
  1. Daughters! My four in particular.
  2. Granddaughters! Cause I have one now and I get it.
  3. My SILExtraordinaire!
  4. My pup! He's still the best!
  5. My health and the fact that I haven't done myself in with poor eating habits.
  6. Food on the table.
  7. Electricity, running water.
  8. A roof over my head. Even though it leaked during Matthew. Yikes.
  9. Family gatherings when all four daughters and their boys are home AT THE SAME TIME!
  10. My amazing friends whether here or in blog land.
  11. My parents.
  12. Our family traditions.
  13. Blogging. Because that's how I met so many wonderful friends in blog land. 
  14. Support and encouragement. It means the world. 
  15. My grandparents. They've been gone a long time now but not a single day goes by that I don't think of them. 
  16. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!
  17. Weekends!
  18. Learning from mistakes. 
  19. Safety.
  20. The night sky. And the morning sky. :)
Your turn! What are some of you the big things for which y'all are grateful?

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  1. Your lists capture most of mine (names and species of pets excepted). Thankful lists are so great. We are blessed, aren't we!?!!

    1. I love thankful lists, too! And yes, we are blessed! :)

  2. I should try to keep a grateful list! Yours are both very good.

    1. I really should be doing it every day. But I don't.


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