Saturday, November 12, 2016

What are Little Thankfuls?

It was so much fun comparing the hashtags about myself from last year (I did this on the Grits) that I thought I would look back and compare my thankful list from 2015 with one I made today.

Last November, I wrote a post about the LITTLE things for which I am thankful. The big things are easy to come up with- friends, family, health, a home...It's the little things that be more difficult to find if we're not paying attention or not in a thankful frame of mind...

Think about those little things we might not even realize we appreciate. The little things that can turn a sour day into something calm and wonderful. The little things that bring happiness to our days. The little things that turn that proverbial frown upside down.

My list from November 2015:

Little Things for which I Am Grateful:
  1. Deep down, in my gut, so hard I can hardly breathe and makes me cry laughter.
  2. The way coffee smells and how the steam rises up from the cup when you first pour it. 
  3. The way the lights on the Christmas tree sparkle.
  4. The smell of rain. 
  5. The way snow glistens during a full moon.
  6. A song that reminds me of a love from long ago.
  7. A memory that brings a smile to my face that begins in my heart.
  8. The rhythm of poetry. Especially when it's being read to me. 
  9. The sound of a cello, and fog horns, and those little grunts that puppies make. 
  10. The smell of homemade bread and the memories it evokes. 
  11. Pulling out that winter jacket and finding money in the pocket. 
  12. Clean sheets. 
  13. A surprise phone call from an old friend. 
  14. Snuggling with your puppy. 
  15. That thing you wanted is on sale and reduced even more at checkout.
  16. Hot chocolate.
  17. Sitting in front of the fire.
  18. A handmade quilt.
  19. Hayrides.
  20. Farmers' Markets. 
My list for this year:

Little Things for which I Am Grateful:
  1. Cool autumn weather that finally shows up.
  2. Irish cream in front of a fire.
  3. Just the right pen.
  4. Music. 
  5. A walk in the woods.
  6. Red rain boots.
  7. Stringed instruments, especially the cello.
  8. A full moon.
  9. Fog.
  10. Snow.
  11. Fall and winter trees.
  12. Feeling safe.
  13. Snuggling down into flannel sheets.
  14. Polka dots.
  15. Sudden ideas.
  16. Feelings of accomplishment.
  17. Rest.
  18. Conversations with special people.
  19. Laughter.
  20. Books. 
Yes, my list could go on. But I'd be here a really long time and y'all don't want to read THAT much.

So, it's your turn. Share your lists in the comments or on your blog. I'd love to read them!

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  1. Well, Pam, "my list" consists more of people rather than things. I continue to add to it each year...:)JP

    1. The people are on my BIG thankful things list. This one is just for the little things. :)

  2. My list would contain many of the same things you listed. You said it so eloquently though! I would leave out snow, though!

    1. Haha! I know you would. I'm sure you got plenty growing up. :) Tomorrow will be my list of the BIG things. Thank you!


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